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From the origin of human history, this is uncountable times war happens because of food. But now times have changed. Currently, there is plenty of nutrition for most of the people of our world. And this food exchanging makes love one nation to another nation. Even some of the people […]

Do you know more than 40% of people have the hobby of traveling? There is a lot of exciting things round about traveling. Food and new taste are some of those things. When you travel to a new place, you must have some new food items that will bring some […]

In childhood, we have faced a lot of barriers to sports. Cause we didn’t have enough tools and equipment and tools. But we have some cordiality and massive community from sports. Most of the case people does not think that sports do not have any social importance. But trust me, […]

even 50 years ago, the fashion industry was limited to making and selling dresses. And nothing more. But now, the industry has expended that much you never can believe. Fashion designers are the first lineman of this industry. He made the design depends on the demand of the industry. And […]

The majority of people think that news means political news. But besides that, international, business, sports, and cultural news are also a considerable part of the news industry. Because the social condition depends on the political trigger, it has importance. But it does not mean there is any chance to […]